3D Printing Class

Hello Talent Search Students and Parents!


We, here at SAEOC-Talent Search, will be extending invitations to select students for a wonderful new opportunity that we at ETS  are offering.


We will be teaching a Makerbot 3D printing course at our main office location, after school hours. The students who take the course will be able to become Makerbot 3D Printer Certified. They will also have a chance to complete 3D printing projects during class time and will be welcomed back to use the 3D printer for any other school projects they have in the future.







This online course can be accessed through a computer (provided at the center), on a tablet they bring with them, or on their mobile device. They will get hands-on experience with the printer in our office. If they commit to coming once a week for an hour, they will be able to complete the course within 6-8 weeks. They will be guided through the course and their coursework will include:


Please view the Course Syllabus for more information.


Instructions to sign-up will be given to the students selected. 


Thank you,




Ashley Whaley

SAEOC/TRiO/Educational Talent Search

ETS Coordinator/3D Printing Instructor