"I am so thankful that my daughters have had the opportunity to participate in ETS. I can't say enough good things about the SAEOC."      Marcia Johnson

Academic Advising

The Southeast Alabama Education Outreach Center’s Educational Talent Search program works primarily with Dothan City Schools students in grades 7-12.  Ideally, we identify students in the 7th grade and work with them through high school completion and postsecondary education enrollment.


Our Advisor meets with the participants in 7th-9th grades at DPA during the an elective period.


Our High School Educational Advisor meets with the participants in 10th-12th grades at DHS in the Media Center.

Additionally, all participants may come to the Center at 105 Pariton Avenue to get individual assistance from ETS staff.


Adults who wish to receive services should call 334-673-9996 for pre-screening to determine eligibility and available spots.