ACT Website Information - Much More than just registering for a test!!!


We strongly suggest that all students register for your free ACT profile at

There is a world of information and tools that students can utilize free of charge on the website to prepare for the ACT test and to create their own student portfolio.


Once a student registers for the profile, he or she can then access student interest inventories which are charted with career interests, education requirements, etc.  Career planning becomes an adventure with meaningful tools.


Free ACT streaming prep videos which address all areas of the ACT test.


Online ACT prep course for one year with subscription.  Subscription is available free if student qualifies for free ACT waiver from Southeast Alabama Education Outreach Educational Talent Search Program, or a student can pay the $20.00 for the one year subscription. Contact SAEOC to learn more at 334-673-9996.


Create your own portfolio which grows with you through your high school years.  Tools abound to encourage creativity to distinguish your portfolio from the crowd’s. 


There is no excuse for any student not preparing for the ACT and learning about it before entering the room on test day.  Parents, this is something that you can monitor, encourage, and reward.



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