About Us

1. ETS identifies and assists individuals who have potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, admission and financial aid counseling (including technical help completing the FAFSA) to its participants.

2. Limited tutoring is available at the Center. We focus on teaching our participants to use available tutoring resources through the school and free online interactive tutoring (see Links tab) accessed anywhere via the internet. Students may come to the Center to use our computers as needed.

3. Online ACT prep is available for students who have fulfilled math and science requirements.

4. Financial literacy is a component as well

5. For high school dropouts, we refer them to the Adult Basic Education Program sponsored through Wallace Community College or return to a local high school to get a diploma.

6. For qualified adults enrolling for the first time or re-enrolling after being out of school, we help complete the admission and financial aid application (FAFSA) to enroll in PSE provided slots are available.

7. GED - Contact Wallace Community College for GED Adult Basic Education at 1-800-543-2426