Robotics/Coding Summer Opportunity (Current ETS 9th-11th Grade)


Are you tired of the same old courses? Well this robotics and coding course will keep you entertained this summer (don't worry, there is no homework)! We are going to be working hands-on with real live robots to learn the basics of technology and coding. You will have to complete various challenges and obstacle courses to get the robot to move around, spin, talk, light up, and many other cool things in this new-age course. Each student will be shipped their very own robot to work with during the course. This class is extremely fun and entertaining and delivered live, online. You will also be reunited with your fellow classmates again to learn how to conquer the robot together.



Watch a video that shows you the robot you will be using -


Watch a video seeing what other students said about the course -


If you are seriously interested in participating and being responsible for the care of the robot, fill out the form provided below and tell us why you would like to participate.  You will be committing about 4 hours per week. If you are not willing to commit, do not sign up. If you are not willing to be responsible for the robot and sign for it, do not sign up.  To replace a robot, the cost is $150.00.

Robotics/Coding Summer Interest Form

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