Thomas Bailey
2012 HA graduate
UAB – Freshman 2012

As a recent high school
graduate with not only an acceptance to many
different universities, but also scholarships that total
over $150,000, I see how influential the talent search
program has been on my middle, high school, and even
my future college career. During middle school
Dr. Williams taught me how to manage time, take
effective notes, and start planning a suitable career
that I would like to pursue after high school; while
others learned on their own. By the time I got to high
school I was prepared for everything that the teachers
had to throw at me, and I could focus all my extra time
on planning what I would do after this four year
period. During this extremely important time of
thought, Ms. G helped choose the right schools that
best supported my field of study, gave me multiple
scholarships that I could apply for that I would have
never known about if it wasn’t for talent search. Also
she wrote many recommendation letters for the
college acceptance and scholarships that put me in
the comfortable position that I am in today. If it
were not for talent search I’m not sure where I would
be, but I do know that it wouldn’t be in this position
of positivity and confidence as I begin my college
career to become a cardiovascular surgeon.

Chandler Sawyers,
2012 graduate of Dothan High School,
University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa- Freshman 2012

I will never forget the day I walked into the library of my
school for my first session with Talent Search. Before I
could even take a seat Ms. G said to me with an
assertive but friendly tone "what is your name and what is
your plan?" Being a senior in high school I had plans for
what I wanted to do but getting there was the problem. I
soon came to realize that I was definitely in the right
place. With so many questions and only a little bit of time
to ask them I was quite skeptical of how much help I
would receive. Once again I was astonished by their
reliability and hard work. When I was promised a call I
received it. When I was promised information I was given
it. The employees of Talent Search didn't treat me as just
another student but instead created a personal
relationship. They are genuinely concerned about my
future and continue to work for my success. My only
great from being in Talent Search would have to be that I
wait till be senior year to sign up. They still, however, got
me to my dream school. I am on the right path and ready
to take on my next challenge thanks to Talent Search.

Claude Brown
DHS Graduate 2012

Talent search was very helpful to me. It helped
me set goals and achieve them. It motivated me
no matter how bad things were going; I could
always ask questions and if Ms. G didn’t know
the answer, she would get the information to me
as quickly as possible. That showed me that she
was someone who cared, also she would look
into colleges and make sure that I was on the
right track.

Destiny Oliver
NHS class of 2013

The Educational Talent Search Program is an
amazing program! I have been involved with the
program since eighth grade and as I enter my
senior year, I intend to utilize all they have to
offer as I prepare for college. The personality
and interest assessments have helped me to
decide which career path best fits me. Also, the
college information they provided was
instrumental in my selection of colleges I intend
to apply to in the fall. Ms. Gayle Griggs is
amazing as well; she has shared so much
valuable information. For example, she shared
information regarding websites on receiving
college scholarships, information on ACT
preparation and how to obtain tutoring
assistance. I am very grateful to Educational
Talent Search for the information, tutoring and
experiences it has provided me throughout my
high school education.


Jennifer Bailey,

Parent ETS Participant

Words cannot express my gratitude for Gayle Griggs at the
Southeast Alabama Education Outreach Talent Search.
Gayle has been very instrumental in helping my son Thomas
receive the Gates Millennium Scholarship by providing
letters of recommendations whenever needed. Gayle, you are
truly a precious gem that will always shine bright in my